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    ADDRESSMetro Fitness Ltd Unit 22, 21-23 Merseyway Shopping Centre, Mersey way, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 1PN UK. +44 161 477 3895


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*Reserve your membership online – it takes less than 5 minutes and guarantees you our most competitive offers.
*Please remember that your fees are guaranteed not to increase during the life of your membership.
*You can ‘freeze’ the membership whenever you want for at least one month.
*You can even select the date that direct debit payments are collected.

So, What do you Get?

• Full and unlimited access the eight Metro workout zones. We provide over 10,000 sq.ft of the best and easiest to use equipment available anywhere in the world today.
• We are the only Gym that provides members with a 75 minute one to one personal coaching session which includes designing you a tailor made workout programme with unlimited Free reviews of the programme whenever you need to change/freshen up your exercise routine.
• We are proud to boast that we work with the most experienced team of coaches in the area. These guys are always on hand to help and will happily work with members on a one to one basis to design them a personalised workout program – just to help them get started. There is no charge for this service.
• Full and unlimited access to 40+ free group exercise classes, each week.

What else?

• Fee WIFI throughout the gym.
• Fully air conditioned.
• Headphone docking stations on the equipment.
• HDTV across the Club.
• Private changing cubicles.
• High powered Sunbeds charged at only £1 for 3 mins
• Hairdryers, hair straighteners and sizeable lockers and showers in the spacious changing rooms.

• We’re open 364 days of the year
• Unlike many Gyms; our equipment has been IFI approved so that our members, regardless of age or physical ability can use the kit as well as the next person.


Q: What does ‘no contract’ actually mean?
A: Quite simply, you are not legally tied to being a member for any longer than you wish!
We’ll set up a direct debit payment for you that will run on a rolling monthly basis.

Q: Come on, what’s the catch, there’s got to be one?
A: It’s understandable to be nervous about paying so little for a Gym. However, these types of clubs are now very well established, both in the US and Europe. Our success lies in you and your friends keeping a Metro Fitness membership going, whilst we focus on scaling down on the expensive items that members generally don’t rely upon.

Q: Does Metro Fitness offer saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi’s and swimming pools?
A: We have to draw the line somewhere and this is it. Our experience tells us that around 10% of Gym members regularly use these facilities – therefore by stripping them out, we keep our overheads down and in turn, this allows us to keep your membership fees very, very low.

Q: What are your opening hours?
A: We are open 364 days a year – yes you can even get your fitness fix on Christmas Day! During the week we open the doors at 6am and close them at 10pm. Just like most people, we enjoy a weekend lie in; therefore we open at 8am and close at 8pm, both Saturday & Sunday.

Q: Will the gym always be staffed?
A: Absolutely! We don’t believe in purely monitoring members’ safety by CCTV coverage.

Q: Will I be issued with a membership card or will I need to remember yet another PIN number?
A: You will be issued with a bar coded key fob that is unique to you. Simply scan the fob at reception and you’re in!

Q: Are there changing facilities and showers?
A: Yes, we provide spacious changing with over 150 lockers per changing room. We also provide private cubicles and showers. We even have hairdryers, shaving points and hair straighteners.

Q: Are there lockers?
A: Definitely…loads of one metre high lockers to house super-sized bags and business suits. You’ll need a padlock which you’re welcome to purchase from reception. All we ask is that you don’t leave your kit in the lockers overnight……pongy!

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Yes, all sections, including the payment area of the website is secure. We have specifically chosen a payment system that encrypts any details before sending it off into cyberspace and onto the server. Therefore, your personal and banking details will be kept private.

Q: What is the minimum age to join Metro Fitness?
A: You’ll need to have already blown out the candles on your 16th Birthday Cake in order to get involved!

Q: Do you offer Car Parking?
A: Our central location means loads of car parking within seconds of the Club. We have access to over 850 car parking spaces available every day before 8am and again after 6pm – all absolutely Free. That’s not all – we are a short hop, skip and a jump from three major supermarkets who all offer excellent parking, so If you fancy combining a trip to pick up a few goodies with visiting Metro Fitness – then you can park, absolutely free. Other car parks charge 50p on Sunday for up to 2 hours. £1-£1.50 for up to 2 hours at other times.

Q: How do I book to get my free workout programme designed?
A: You are able to book the first of your two 30 minute one to one sessions, by simply calling the Gym, or when you next visit. Our Personal Coaches are on hand to provide you with experienced guidance. As a result, they will design you a personalised workout schedule, to help you get started. This service is absolutely Free. Better still, we will constantly review your programme at no additional cost. In this way, you can keep your workouts fresh and challenging without having to pay for the privilege.

Q: Do I have to do the one to one workout programme session?
A: Although our one to one sessions are not compulsory; they are highly recommended as the kit does vary from place to place. You might also pick up one or two new ideas that could help to keep your workout fresh and interesting!

Q: How do I freeze my membership?
A: You are able to freeze your membership by simply calling our membership helpline on: 01614773895. A member of the team is available to answer your call at anytime during our opening hours.

Q: How much does it cost to freeze my membership?
A: Good News! It’s free to freeze your membership. You are welcome to place your membership on hold for upto six months. All we ask is that you provide us with at least two weeks’ notice in advance, please.

Q: How do I unfreeze my membership?
A: You can get going again by simply calling our membership helpline on 01614773895. . Please be so kind as to let us know at least one week in advance or your return.

Q: I haven’t received my membership card?
A: Please pop in and we will have it here waiting for you. If you happen to lose your card; then drop us an email via info@metro-fitness.co.uk or mention it to your reception host when next visiting and we’ll get a new one sorted for you immediately.

Q: Will personal coaching be available?
A: Yes, we have a great team of experienced exercise professionals who will be right there to support you. Of course, any great service comes at a price, but if you want to feel and see a real difference….there is no doubting that this is the way to go!
Top Tip; you can reduce costs considerably by getting friends involved in a private group exercise session – it’s loads of fun! There are also good savings to be had by booking a course of sessions with your instructor. This is a great way of committing towards regular exercise that also fits in perfectly with your diary.

Q: Can I share or give my Membership Card to somebody else to use?
A: Not the smartest idea! We take the security of our members very seriously and that’s why we have a number of security measures in place at reception. Therefore, passing your card to someone else is a real waste of time. They will be embarrassed when found out and we will also have no alternative, but to say goodbye and cancel your membership.

Q: Do you have WIFI access?
A: Absolutely, WIFI is free for our members.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: We would kindly ask you give us notice of at least one month prior to your next scheduled payment….this will help us both avoid any nasty surprises with payments still being taken when you wanted them to cease!

Q: Can I delay the start of my membership?
A: That’s absolutely fine with us. We understand that you might have an existing gym contract that requires you to give a notice period, or perhaps you’re not going to be in the area immediately. Therefore, you can delay the start of your membership by up to 3 months.

Q: Can I pay by cash or visa card?
A: You have the option of paying for day passes and prepaid membership packages by cash or card. We have also recently created the flexibility of allowing you to pay your joining fee and first payment for monthly membership over the counter. This initial payment is then followed by your first direct debit, a month later.

Q: When does the first month’s payment come out of my bank if I were to join online?
A: Join online and your first payment, including the joining fee, will be collected 14 days after signing up. This payment will cover your first month’s membership at Metro Fitness. Subsequent monthly payments will be debited one month after joining and will continue on or just after the same day of each month thereafter. Monthly membership payments are made by direct debit and administered through our friends at the bureau.

Q. Can I drop in for a look around?
A. Absolutely, we’d love to show you more!!! Just drop in at anytime as there’s no need to make an appointment. Our team will take you through all the Gym has to offer. After having a good look; you may wish to take the plunge! If so, we will be able to get you up and running in less than five minutes.

Q: What equipment do you have?
A: Now…where shall we start?!!…after all, there are around 150 pieces of equipment to choose from. In essence, we’ve incorporated everything you’ll need to keep fit. Whether you’ve used a Gym before or are contemplating the experience for the first time; you’ll be in safe hands!
We have carefully chosen Cybex Equipment for Metro Fitness…Why?
…Primarily because they are famous for designing equipment that is easy to use as well as being easy on your joints. In fact, we are the first Gym in the UK to take delivery of some of their newest equipment. So…whether you want to focus on developing your general fitness through running, cycling or rowing…
…or perhaps, you’ll be concentrating on the toning and weight loss benefits of strength equipment, free weights or Power Plate units… we’ve got it all in abundance.

Q: Do you charge for using the Power Plate units?
A: Power Plate is always available for our members to use, Free of charge. They are to be found in their own quiet spots in the Gym and within the Women’s Area. All our Personal Coaches have been trained on the amazing benefits of Power Plate and will be able to give you some great advice in terms of getting the most from a wide range of Power Plate exercises.

Q: Do you offer Group Exercise/Studio classes?
A: Oh Yes! …There are a great selection of at least 60 great classes each week delivered by our outstanding team of experienced instructors. Classes range from the more traditional to the completely ‘way out’….not be found on offer anywhere else! The best part is that all these classes are included as part of your membership!

Q: Can I Pre-Book classes?
A: Members are welcome to book classes up to a maximum of four days in advance. Simply call the Club on 01614773895 or when you next visit.

Q: What is Virtual Spinning?
A:We have created an opportunity for you to enjoy a Spin Class whenever it suits you! We have dedicated an area of the Gym to Virtual Spin; a 30 minute DVD led class is played on a continual loop so you can pedal hard at a time that works for you.

Q: What do I get if I recommend Metro to my friends?
A: Apart from a big thank you; we will reduce your monthly membership fees by £5 per month for up to six months. Should your friend leave us within the six months; then your fees will return to the original amount. The great thing is that you can recommend as many friends as you wish. We know of members who have enjoyed having their membership totally paid for by their buddies!

Q: Is there a place to relax?
A: Take a load off in our comfortable area where you are welcome take a post workout break or perhaps refresh yourself with one of our exclusively supplied Vyomax fruit smoothies or energy drinks. You’ll also able to enjoy the free Wi-Fi service, available only for our members.
Please get in touch if you need us to answer any other questions! 01614773895

Metro Fitness – Testimonials

“Top spinning and circuits class this morning with Shane. Great way to start the day!”
Karen Fisher

“Popped in to have a look today and was so impressed, I signed up there and then.
Amazing facilities, including the changing area, friendly staff and atmosphere. Looking
forward now to losing my ‘winter coat’ I put on 4 years ago!”
Anthony Myer Jones

“Special thanks to Bobby Joe for making my day yesterday – you made the gym an
unscary place.”
Sibella Ryman

“Just back from second visit and feeling great! The gym is fab, lots of great equipment and
the staff are very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my induction with Lel on
Thursday to kick start my wedding diet, and for the classes to get started.
Good job everyone.”
Debbie Mossman

“I have never been in a gym before. The staff are very lovely to old fat ladies like myself!”
Pam Southcombe

“I had my first Muay Thai class last Thursday at Metro and it was fantastic. Really newbie
friendly and I didn’t feel too much of a pleb when I bombed out right at the beginning doing
pressups. It was a nice mix of people there too, not just all meatheads. For a more
interesting cardio workout I definitely BYbY recommend this.”
“Just want to say what a great gym this is….not intimidating at all and Shane’s spinning
and circuit classes are great.”
Paul Corner

“Bobbi Jo Boxercise session on a thursday morning is awesome! Would recommend to
anyone! Amazing individual coaching and he tailors it to everyones individual needs!!”
Gareth Boardman

“I am 67 yrs old and find this place with its caring and professional staff the place to get you
up and going cannot recommend it enough.”
Pam Macdonald

“What a really good gym with a team of fab knowledgeable staff who quite clearly love
what they are doing /teaching. I thought after going back in a gym after 6 years off I’d feel
out of my depth and intimidated but it’s been quite the opposite.”
“The staff are friendly, and the “women’s only bit” helps a lot. Thank you to Tim today
who took time out to show me the most effective way to hit my goal. All in all I am glad I
Gemma Hines

“I enjoy going to metro gym friendly staff and nice people that attend the gym – make you
feel welcome.”
Deano Lockey

“What I like about Metro Fitness are the friendly staff. They’re always walking around and
talking to people, offering advice and just being friendly. This makes a big difference as it
makes you more comfortable. The varied classes are also a bonus. After many years of
wanting to do a fighting discipline I’ve finally signed upto Muay Thai – something most gyms
don’t ordinarily do. Oh, and it’s cheap as chips too.”
Tom Booker

“Staff are all brilliant friendly nice people who will go out of their way to help. Induction was
fantastic and I’m finding the pt sessions good too.”
Rachel Williams

”Really enjoyed Tim’s class tonight. A good hard workout. Well done Tim. Sue Thurrold.
very professional gym & provided service!! Thank you”

“Just been to boxing circuits, it was brilliant!! Can’t wait until next week, when can I
book in?”
David Nelson

“Love this gym x lost just over a stone since it opened. 1 more to go!!!”
“Went down this morning and had a great time! Thanks to the friendly staff and great
equipment – looking forward to many regular visits.”
Gill Keys

“Love metro fitness since the opening of the gym ive lost 2 stone and I feel great I don’t
think I’ve ever been this healthy I am also doing a 10 km run in stockport on the 23
September which I thought I would never do! So here’s to losing another stone lol thanks
metro fitness.”
Neil Davy

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